Meet the Breeds at Silver Bay Kennel Club shows

Our next event is being held during the Silver Bay Kennel Club shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. It is February 24 and 25, 2018. We will have a club meeting on Saturday at 3 PM at the breed booth. At this meeting, we will be selecting the nominating committee.

Hope to see everyone there!


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Indio details

The judging program for the Desert Empire Terrier Club and Palm Springs Kennel Club shows has been posted.

Thursday: Ring 11  9 AM   Border Terrier Sweepstakes   6-8               Ms. Marcie S. Dobkin

Ring 11   11 AM Border Terriers   9-13 (10-3)             Ms. Virginia Latham Smith

Friday:  Ring 10  9 AM  Border Terrier Sweepstakes   6-8          Ms. Tammy Colbert

Ring 9   12:15 PM  Border Terriers   9-13 (10-4)            Mr. Robert E. Hutton

MEETING ON FRIDAY:  Meeting will be held at The Tack Room at 2:45 PM.

Saturday: Ring 14  9:10 AM  Border Terriers  11-11 (10-3)     Mr. Timothy Catterson

Sunday:  Ring 9  9:15 AM  Border Terriers   9-11 (8-3)     Mrs. Mareth K. Kipp


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Next event: Specialty at Indio

The upcoming Christmas party has been cancelled. So our next club event is our supported entry and designated specialty at Indio, Ca. on January 4 & 5, 2018. One hour after best of breed on Friday will be our club meeting, held at The Tack Room. This has proven to be a popular place the last couple of years, with food and drinks available and a nice ambiance on the patio area. Here’s hoping for lovely weather for the weekend.

Happy holidays to all!

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Fun Day Veteran’s Day Nov 11, 2017 @ Calico Ghost Town

Saturday, November 11, the club will be hosting a FUN DAY with our dogs at Calico Ghost Town. Calico is a historic silver mining town located off I-15 at Yermo, Ca. It is about 15 miles north of Barstow. The town is very dog friendly and even has a vendor catering to dogs, Dorsey’s Dog House! Plans include fun scent work at various areas of town.

Address: 36600 Ghost Town Rd., Yermo, Ca.

Park hours are 9-5 daily.

Admission costs:

Adults: $8

Youth (4-11):  $5

Under 3:  Free

Annual Family Pass:   $50.00. (Valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Excludes special events and holidays. Valid ONLY at Calico Ghost Town.)

Dogs: $1 each and must be kept on a 6′ leash

There is RV parking, for those wanting to come and camp.

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Club schedule of events

Sunday, Aug 6:  Fun day at Big Bear 10 am-2 pm.

East Ramp – Carol Morrison Public Launch

41951 North Shore Drive, Big Bear, Ca 92315

Saturday/Sunday, Oct 28/29: Earthdog Tests with Farm Hunt for Rescue, Costume Contest, and potluck lunches

Canyon RV Park, Gypsum Canyon off the 91 Freeway in Anaheim

Saturday, Nov 11: Fun day at Calico Ghost Town, 10 am-2 pm.

36600 Ghost Town Rd.

Yermo, Ca 92398

Saturday, Dec 16 : Christmas Party


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Upcoming Specialty and GWTA shows

June 23, 2017 will be the club’s summer specialty show. Judge Duff Harris will be the breed judge and Peter Holson will be judging puppy and veteran sweepstakes. The new show site for this year is Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale. The club will have a tented area and there is a club luncheon open to all. Donations to defray the cost of the luncheon are welcome. Club meeting to follow luncheon.

GWTA shows will be the following two days, June 24-25. Judges are Lee Whittier and Connie Clark.

Download premium list here.


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2017 Upcoming Events

Friday, January 6, will be our designated specialty at Indio as part of the Desert Empire Terrier Club group shows. Club meeting 45 minutes following the end of breed judging at the Tack Room restaurant at the Polo grounds.

February 25 & 27, at the Silver Bay Kennel Club shows, we will again be providing information about our breed at there Meet The Breeds area. This year, the times will be from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. We will also be having our February meeting on Saturday at 3:00 pm at our booth area.

Our agility trials for the year will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 29-30. There will also be a meeting on Saturday at noon during the agility trial.

Our annual meeting will take place the evening of Saturday, May 27. Tentative plans are to hold it at the Carrow’s that we were at the last two years. Time will be announced closer to the date.

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