Menu Revisions

I have expanded the drop-down menu for the AKC and BTCOA.  The AKC menu now includes the Home Page, Event Search, Rules & Regs, Forms and the Breed Standard.  The BTCOA menu includes the Home Page, Research Information, Rescue and updates on the National Specialty in September 2011.

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2 Responses to Menu Revisions

  1. Mark Hall says:

    I love my Border (Ellie) that I got through the BTCOSC. After having a Border (Meggy) for 16 years I had to put her down, very sad. After looking around for months I sent in an application to Sue Friley. By a stoke of good luck 1.5 y/o Ellie needed a new home. I could not have picked a better dog! she needed a little time to adjust and come out of her shell but now there is no stopping her and she fetches! I really wanted a dog that fetches too! I’m going to start her in Earthdog this month and I think it will be good fun for her. I’d like to join the BTCOSC soon, how do I go about doing that? Thanks so much for your assistance with bring this little brown dog into my home.
    Mark Hall – \m/

  2. labsnborders says:

    Hi Mark,

    Great to hear from you and your BT. Send an email to Rich Griswold at with your mailing address and he will mail you an application. Good luck at Earthdog!


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