New Earthdog Titleists!

Congratulations to our members who finished their Earthdog titles this weekend!

Dana Dacier and Georgia (Sunkist Georgia Q. Brown JE) finished their JE this weekend.  Georgia got her first Rally Novice leg recently so she is on a roll!

Lyn McArthur finished Brynne & Skye’s JE this weekend!  This is a first title for Brynne which makes her Gemstone’s Toast of the Town JE and Skye is now CH Skyline Jewel CD MX MXJ JE.

Magi Rufle and Hubble finished their JE.  Hubble is now CH Lndi’s Inaugural Secret Service RN JE!  Hubble’s dad, Harris also recently completed his ME which makes him CH Lndi’s Show Me Ten-Eight CD RN ME.

Magi Rufle’s little blue girl Lacy got a JE leg this weekend.  I am sure we will get to see the rest of her when she finishes her title.  Highlands Almost Midnight CDX RN AX AXJ.

Spunky finished his EE3 (Endurance Earthdog 3) this weekend.  CH Ottermask Hollywood Hero NA OAJ ME EE3 owner/handlers John Ruege and Rich Griswold.

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1 Response to New Earthdog Titleists!

  1. Mark Hall says:

    Congrats! Well done!

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