BTCOSC Specialty & GWTA Show Times


The judging schedule is posted on Jack Bradshaw.  Borders will be showing in ring 3 all weekend.

BTCOSC Specialty on Friday, June 22

  • 10:00AM Sweepstakes – Judge: Ms. Sheila Hanna
  • 11:00AM – Judge:  Ms. Marion McPherson

 GWTA on Saturday, June 23

  • 1:00PM – Judge:  Dr. Andrew Kramer

GWTA on Sunday, June 24

  • 9:30AM Sweepstakes – Judge:  Mrs. Lydia Castagna
  • 10:00AM – Judge:  Mr. David Powers

Please join us for lunch on Friday & Saturday.  There will be a club meeting after judging on Saturday.

GWTA Earthdog tests are Monday & Tuesday June 25 & 26 at Canyon RV Park in Anaheim Hills.  There will be a Barn Hunt & Lure Coursing (non-AKC) that will be open to all dogs.  Also there will be an AWTA Earthdog Trial on Tuesday.  For more info Duffy’s Cavern.


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  1. Dana says:

    Thank you for this post!

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