Indio details

The judging program for the Desert Empire Terrier Club and Palm Springs Kennel Club shows has been posted.

Thursday: Ring 11  9 AM   Border Terrier Sweepstakes   6-8               Ms. Marcie S. Dobkin

Ring 11   11 AM Border Terriers   9-13 (10-3)             Ms. Virginia Latham Smith

Friday:  Ring 10  9 AM  Border Terrier Sweepstakes   6-8          Ms. Tammy Colbert

Ring 9   12:15 PM  Border Terriers   9-13 (10-4)            Mr. Robert E. Hutton

MEETING ON FRIDAY:  Meeting will be held at The Tack Room at 2:45 PM.

Saturday: Ring 14  9:10 AM  Border Terriers  11-11 (10-3)     Mr. Timothy Catterson

Sunday:  Ring 9  9:15 AM  Border Terriers   9-11 (8-3)     Mrs. Mareth K. Kipp


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