Cancellation of Agility trials, Specialty, and both April and May meetings

Updates for scheduled events for our club:
Agility trials scheduled for April 25/26 have been cancelled.
Mission Circuit, including out designated specialty on Saturday, May 23 have been cancelled.
Due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus, we will not be holding either the April meeting or the May Annual meeting.
We will move the annual meeting to a date later this year, once the CDC and local authorities determine it is safe to gather in numbers. Annual awards forms will be mailed out once we determine when we can hold the meeting.
Regarding nominations that could be received from the floor at the April meeting, should someone want to run for office, a letter stating who is nominating and an acceptance by the person nominated, may be mailed to Star Ott, either emailed or postmarked dated no later than April 26, 2020.
If no nominations are received, the nominating committee slate will assume office on June 1, 2020, per the constitution and by laws.
Best wishes to each of you as we get through this difficult time.
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