Club Meeting on Saturday during the Mission Circuit

WINNERS DOG May 2011 Specialty, Glenlair Duke of Earle, owners A. Bordwell/D. Bordwell, Breeder/Handler: Sandra Tool, Judge: Darryl Vice

BTCOSC will be holding their annual meeting on Saturday, May 26th at 5:00PM during the “Mission Circuit” at the Pomona Fairgrounds.  The meeting will be held on the east side of the grooming buildings and will include a potluck.

The Mission Circuit is four days of dog shows held at the Pomona Fairgrounds.  Border Terriers will be showing at the following times:

Friday at 10:00AM in ring 16

Saturday at 1:50PM in ring 7

Sunday at 2:45PM in ring 6

Monday at 10:10AM in ring 10

For more info Jack Bradshaw

Also there will be four days of Agility.  Download times here.

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