Please Oppose SB 969 Pet Grooming Bill!

SB969 has passed the Senate Business, Professional and Economic Development Committee and has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee, and now goes to the full House.  Please contact the committee members and your own Senator  about SB969.

  • This bill would further strain the state’s budget for a program regulating the bathing and brushing of pets.
  • The proposed council would be composed primarily of individuals who know nothing about professional grooming practices.
  • This bill would adversely affect dog show handlers, groomers and junior handlers under the age of 18, all of whom groom for financial compensation.
  • The exact type of pet covered by this bill is not specified; it could be any sort of pet from a hamster to a horse.

For more info:

California Federation of Dog Clubs

National Animal Interest Alliance Trust

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2 Responses to Please Oppose SB 969 Pet Grooming Bill!

  1. Cathy Ramsey says:

    As a retired groomer with over 38 years experience in my own shops I feel this is a horrible bill and if passed will be a groomers nightmare. Even tho I am no longer living in Ca. I am contacting representatives with my concerns about this very bad bill. This bill could also hurt groomers doing rescue grooming which will in the end hurt the animals.

  2. Amelia says:

    Please call or fax the Appropriations Committee members tomorrow and Tuesday in opposition of SB969! We believe the faction who are supporting the bill have stepped up the pressure. We must do the same! This is our only chance. If it passes this committee, our work will only get harder! Please crosspost to all the boards!!!

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